A Brief History of Yoho Lake

Yoho Lake is situated in York County, approximately 30 km southwest of Fredericton. Its Surface area is about 131 hectares and the land area of the watershed is about 842 hectares. The mean depth is 3.66 meters, with a maximum depth of 11.3 meters, and the flushing rate is 1.9 times a year.

The lake drains into the Yoho Stream, which in turn flows into the Saint John River via the North Oromocto and Oromocto Rivers.

Significant cottage development began in the 50's and has continued to the present with the shoreline almost completely utilized. While originally for seasonal use, many of the cottages have been upgraded for year round and several permanent homes have been erected. Increased highway access and road improvements have aided development and plans exist for development beyond the shoreline strip.

The lake supports moderate fishing pressure for both native and stocked salmonids. Smallmouth bass have also been introduced. The main activity on the lake however appears to be recreational boating and swimming.



Mini Factoid: Fredericton at one time considered obtaining its municipal water from Yoho Lake. The plan was to run a pipeline from the lake to the city.

Source: Department of the Environment Water Quality Report











































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