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Interesting Local Links

The New Brunswick Land Company and the Settlement of Stanley and Harvey

Comprises the Histories Pertaining to the Founding and Growth of Harvey Settlement, Documents, Census Records, Three Generation Genealogies of Early Harvey Settlers (1837-late 1850's), Maps, Gallery, Reunion, Scrapbook, and Documents Pertaining to Emigrant Ships Carrying Harvey Settlers.

NB Southern Eastbound Freight Train at Harvey Lake

A YouTube or of the NB Southern Eastbound Freight Train.

Confessions of a Train Geek

Great shots of the Harvey Train NB Southern Eastbound round the Harvey Area, Harvey Lake and McAdam Train Station.

Canadian Railway News and Information

The New Brunswick Railway Map

Lake George Snowmobile Club Groomed Trails

Snowmobile Poker Rally

Snowmobile Permits

Snowmobile Maps

Snowmobile Trail Status


New Brunswick Federation of Snowmobile Clubs

Scouts Canada - Scouts Rivorton

To help co-ordinate and manage programs more effectively, Scouts Canada has divided the country into "areas." Our area is known as the "Scouts Rivorton Area." The Scouts Rivorton Area encompasses the part of New Brunswick from just North of Edmundston to Oromocto, including Fredericton and Woodstock (see map). The area is a subset of the New Brunswick provincial region of Scouts Canada. Our name "Rivorton" is a unique way of describing the area. It incorporates the St. John River, Town of Oromocto and the City of Fredericton.

Harvey Ice Rink

A comprehensive list of ice-rinks and arenas is found here.

New Brunswick Curling Association


Fish Stocking

At the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), the stocking program focuses on brook trout and landlocked Atlantic salmon and is used to:

When used indiscriminately, stocking can harm wild fish populations. Hatchery-produced fish can introduce disease or reduce the genetic fitness of naturally-reproducing fish.

In order to minimize negative impacts to natural populations and optimize benefits to anglers, their fish stocking program is based on the following principles.

They only stock fish that are:

They only stock waters that:

They will not stock:

New Brunswick Watersheds

This series of fact sheets presents details on water quality and other information on various New Brunswick watersheds. The fact sheets are designed for use by anyone interested in the province's rivers and streams.

Environmental Trust Fund

2007 Application Guide

If you have a green idea to make your community a better place, New Brunswick's Environmental Trust Fund (ETF) could help translate your idea into reality. The Fund provides assistance for action-oriented projects with tangible, measurable results, aimed at protecting, preserving and enhancing the Province's natural environment.

Who may apply to the Fund?

Community groups, NB municipalities, non-profit NB organizations, and institutions furthering sustainable development may apply to the Environmental Trust Fund.

Awards List 2007/2008



Local Lake(s) News and Information

The greater Harvey Lakes region is well known for its lakes. As stewards and benefactors to the land and lakes we all share a common interest.

Aside from the natural beauty of the lakes in the Greater Harvey Lake(s) area, which all draw local residents, cottagers, and tourists alike, they are more valueable than any treasure for another reason. Not because they are a feast for our eyes and a repose for our spirits. Nor for the fact that our lakes provide a variety of recreational opportunities from swimming and fishing to canoeing, kayaking and other boating activities. The thing that makes them more valuable than any treasure is that they provide life. Water is the lifeblood of life as it flows though every living being. It only makes sense that we protect our future.

What kind of impact do homes, cottages or recreational activities have on the quality of water in the lakes? None, if we observe and care for their health. That is what we would like to hear, but as more people move into the watershed and more shoreline development occurs, both the water volume and phosphorus loading to the lake increase. Initial changes in water quality may be subtle, but as watershed disturbances increase, changes in water quality are more pronounced to those who have lived on the lake for many years.

Overall, it is important to monitor all watershed acitivities, as even the slightest change in loading may impact the delicate balance of the lake.

Cottages built around the lakes provide both local residents and visitors to the greater Harvey Lakes area a place to enjoy all that the lakes have to offer: swimming, boating, fishing, and peaceful backdrops for family gatherings. In our bliss we sometimes forget that water is life. This section is to help share useful information and news concerning our lakes.


Satellite Imagery of the Harvey, and Harvey Lakes Area

You can also see each of the lakes, Lake George, Harvey and Second Harvey Lake, Oromocto Lake, Magaguadavic Lake and Yoho Lake, as well as Big and Little Kedron Lake, Little Magaguadavic Lake, Little Lake, Peltoma Lake, Clear Lake and Mud Lake. Direct Link here.

Contour Maps of the Harvey, and Harvey Lakes Area

Depth intervals are in 1 metre increments for the more shallow lakes in the region and 2 metre increments for the deeper lakes. The maps also list the various fish species in the lakes, lake size, trophic status, and the number of buildings around the lake. Direct Link to

Oromocto, Magaguadavic and Little Magaguadavic Lakes here.

Lake George, Harvey, Second Harvey and Yoho Lakes here.


Harvey Lake and Second Harvey Lake

Situated at the northwest corner of Harvey Station, the lake and its environ is approximately 35 km southwest of Fredericton. Harvey Station is roughly 15 km from Yoho Lake along route 640. The New Brunswick Southern Railway traverses the eastern off the easter shore of Lake Harvey. The lakes surface area is about 693 ha. This is almost identical to Lake George's surface area of 690 ha. Her watershed area is roughly 2607 ha. She is a mesotrophic lake with a maximum depth of roughly 7+ m, though the Second Harvey Lake is shallower with a maximum depth of 2+ m.

Harvey Station

Google Earth Harvey Station

Harvey Lake Association

Lake George

Lake George is located approximately 20 minutes out side of Fredericton. The lakes surface area is about 690 ha. Her watershed area is roughly 3821 ha. She is a mesotrophic lake with a maximum depth of roughly 4+ m. The town of Lake George is a small country town in the Canadian province of New Brunswick. There is one gas station in Lake George so all other shopping must be done in the Village of Harvey or the Provincial capital Fredericton, those being the closest destinations. Most of the residents of Lake George work elsewhere but there are a few farms that sustain themselves. Lake George has a much larger population in the summer months when all the cottages on the lake have people in them. This is true fo any of the Greater Harvey Lakes.

Google Earth Lake George

Lake George Antimony Mine


Apocan Inc., a subsidiary of Amspec of the United States, owns the Lake George antimony mine in New Brunswick.

Antimony trioxide producer Amspec Chemical Corp.,Gloucester, N.J. is said to be the largest domestic consumer of antimony metal. She closed the Canadian mine roughly 18 years ago due to a deluge of Chinese material entering the market.

Sulfide ore from the Lake George Mine contains antimony which can be made into a Chinese grade 2 antimony metal. Grade 2 metal is minimum 99.65 percent antimony.Some of the ore could have be refined to an even higher Chinese grade 1 metal, which is 99.86 percent antimony.

Canadian antimony mining has ceased due to the low price of antimony brought about by the large volume of Chinese exports at the time. Lower antimony prices forced the mine’s closure in 1989. In mid-1994, Apocan decided to proceed with permitting and the rehabilitation work needed to re-open the mine. In October 1995, final permits were obtained for the mine re-opening. The mine started producing in mid-1996 and was officially opened in November 1996. However, mechanical problems with the hoist forced a shut-down of the operation at year-end. Before repairs could be completed, antimony prices dropped so low that the company decided to keep the operation shut.

Since that time, the mine was permitted to flood. In the mid-1990s, the company considered building an antimony smelter to process the concentrate but there was significant local opposition to the idea. With the increase in prices in late 2002, which saw monthly antimony prices exceed US$2500/t for the first time since September 1996, it was expected that the company would evaluate re-opening the operation; however, the mine remained closed throughout 2002 to 2007.

The mine shafts ran under Lake George.

Petrochemistry of Lake George Granodiorite Stock and Related Gold Minerialization

Lake George Association

Lake George, New Brunswick 1956

Lake George, New Brunswick 1957

Lake George Gun Club, Shooting Range

Lake George Gun Club, 2012 Schedule of Events



Lake Magaguadavic

Lake Magaguadavic is located approximately 45 minutes out side of Fredericton. The lakes surface area is about 2674 ha. Her watershed area is roughly 36120 ha. She is a mesotrophic lake with a maximum depth of roughly 10+ m. The name Magaguadavic means "lake of eels" in Mi'kmaq. Lake Magaguadavic is located in south-western New Brunswick in the greater Harvey Lakes Area. It is a mesotrophic lake and is home to Smallmouth Bass and Landlocked Salmon, among the usual others like American Eel, American Smelt, Banded Killifish, Blacknosed Dance, Pumpkinseed, White Sucker, Yellow Perch etc.

Google Earth Magaguadavic Lake

Little Magaguadavic Lake

Little Magaguadavic Lake is located in south-western New Brunswick in the greater Harvey Lakes Area, just above Magaguadavic. Lake Magaguadavic is located approximately 45 minutes out side of Fredericton. The lakes surface area is about 360 ha. Her watershed area is roughly 10 044 ha. She is a eutrophic lake with a maximum depth of roughly 3+ m. She harbours much the same types of fish as Magaguadavic Lake.

Google Earth Little Magaguadavic Lake

A Canoeing Paradise

Magaguadavic Lake Travel Guide

Magaguadavic Lake Photos

Magaguadavic Lake Map

Magaguadavic Lake Tips

YouTube - Magaguadavic Canoe Trip 2007

Magaguadavic Watershed Mangement Report



North Oromocto Lake

Oromocto Lake is located in south-western New Brunswick in the greater Harvey Lakes Area, just south of the village of Harvey. She is about 10 km past the Village of Harvey, making Oromocto Lake approximately 45 minutes out side of Fredericton via route 640. The lakes surface area is about 4035 ha. She is the largest lake by surface area of the Harvey great lakes being roughly 6 times larger than Lake George or Harvey Lakes or 1.5 times the surface are of Lake Magaguadavic. Her watershed area is roughly 8764 ha. She is a mesotrophic lake with a maximum depth of roughly 12+ m.

The name Oromocto is derived from the Maliseet "Welamooktook," meaning "good river for easy canoe navigation." Earlier spellings were "Ramouctu" and "La Rivière Kamouctu" (Freneuse seigneurial grant, 1684). "Oromocto" was given by Charles Morris in 1775 and has been the spelling from the early 19th century onwards. Oromocto Island and Oromocto Lake take their name from the river. The town of Oromocto, incorporated in 1956, is the headquarters for Canadian Forces Base Gagetown.

Source: Places and Names of Atlantic Canada (1996) by William B. Hamilton.

Google Earth North Oromocto Lake

Oromocto Watershed Association

The Oromocto Watershed Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the Oromocto River and all waters that drain into it. The Oromocto Watershed is nearly 1/2 the size of Prince Edward Island and occupies space in four counties, Sunbury, York, Charlotte and Queens. It is located in Southwestern New Brunswick, Canada. Geo-tagged rivers lakes and waterways in the Oromocto Watershed. Perserving natures natural waterways.

Photo Gallery


Newspaper Articles About Yoho Lake


Thursday, June 14, 2007 - Hanwell in favour of recreation tax,The Daily Gleaner. Residents of Hanwell local service district voted 239 to 85 Wednesday night to contribute to city recreation services and eliminate user fees of $680 plus tax per person for their young families.....

....."I believe it's all about the kids," said Brookdale subdivision resident John Smith.
The recreation tax, capped at three cents per $100 of assessed property value or $30 on a $100,000 home, is less than what a family of four would pay for a night out at the movies, Smith said. "The kids have to be first and foremost," Smith said. His neighbour, Jeff Barry, agreed. He said getting kids into organized sports is a good way to keep them out of mischief....

In exchange for the $104,463 the Hanwell local service district will pay annually for 20 years as a contribution toward the capital and operating costs of two new sports arenas and repairs to the Lady Beaverbrook Rink, the city is waiving it non-resident ice sport fee and all other non-resident charges on sports fields and recreation programs.

But that didn't cut any ice with resident Marc Plourde who said a tax is still a tax. Given the valuation on his home, he'll be paying closer to $60 per year for 20 years for rinks he said he'll never use. Plourde said he and his wife pay their gym fees at Kingswood Fitness Centre and they don't expect other taxpayers to subsidize their $400 bill.

There was one wrinkle in the Hanwell local service district. Yoho Lake area residents aren't part of the Fredericton Youth Hockey Association boundaries for Fredericton. They play in Harvey. Yoho resident Nellie Horncastle said it's not really fair to expect them to pay a user fee because their youngsters don't derive any benefit. Yoho, like St. Marys local service district, should have been split off as a separate voting area in the same way St. Marys local service district was split, she said. "Why didn't somebody make the decision to separate us so we would get fair treatment?"

Horncastle said she'll talk to her neighbours to see if there's enough interest to get a petition with 25 names and request that Local Government Department hold a separate vote for their area.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006 - She’s always on the go; Energetic and caring | Though she knows she’ll have to slow down some day, until that time comes Nancy Chessie is
happy to do all she can for everyone in her life , It's one of those rare moments when Nancy (Kitchen) Chessie is sitting still.

As she lounges on her living room sofa, she admits she has trouble doing nothing. She has always been busy. As a kid she ran through the fields at her family's home in Kingsclear.

When her brother needed to have back surgery, after a fall which caused spine damage, her parents decided to move the family to Montreal to be closer to the Shriners Children's Hospital where he was receiving treatment.

When she was five, she started school there. It wasn't a happy experience for the little girl. She never wanted to leave her home.

"I used to come home every summer and stay with my grandparents at Kingsclear."

Summers there she recalls were filled with carefree fun where she would ride a little horse on their farm.

She stayed in school until Grade 10. Even back then, she says, she had trouble sitting still for long. It was unbearable to have to sit at a desk in class all day

When she was 15 she started learning to become a hairdresser at Walker's Beauty Salon in Fredericton.

By the time she was 16 she started working full time at the shop. She stayed there until she received an offer from another salon.

"I was making $15 a week and a lady offered me $30 to go to a different shop. Then Mrs. Walker offered me $45 to come back. That was a lot of money back in 1959."

When she wasn't working, she says, she would go to dances in New Market with her aunts. There Lewis Chessie caught her eye.

"He was real cute. He had nice, dark curly hair and big blue eyes."

One night he asked if he could drive her home from one of those dances. They dated two years. Then, when she was 18 and he was 21, they married on June 20, 1959. This couple often teases one another over who proposed.



Tuesday, October 24, 2006 - Hardworking and kindhearted; Positive outlook | Eleanor Stillwell, 78, has a calm, quiet strength that has helped her get through the difficult times in her life , It's a rainy day at Yoho Lake and Eleanor Stillwell is making the most of it.

She is preparing for a day of some of her favourite things. Most days she gets up whenever it suits her. But today she's invited friends over to the camp to play cribbage.

So she gets up and gets ready for the morning card game. She makes tea and prepares snacks. Before the three other players arrive she has about an hour to talk about her busy, interesting life.

She was born in Devon in 1928, the third eldest of 10 children in Howard and Margaret Monteith's family.

Before she started school she recalls going to a blacksmith's shop beside her family's home where she'd sit and watch horses being fitted for shoes.

Her summers were idyllic. The family would move to Penniac where they owned a log cabin in the woods. With no electricity or running water she recalls it was a rustic life which appealed to her sense of adventure.

"It was wonderful!"

Some of her fondest early memories are of grade school.

"Mary Grannan was my first teacher. She had plays and she taught me a recitation because I couldn't talk plain."

When she was 14 she went on her first date. She'd been standing in the kitchen ironing a dress and wearing only a slip when her brother walked into the house with a friend.



Thursday, June 9, 2005 - Explosives facility paid to move from Yoho Lake; Province giving $267, 000 to firm,The Daily Gleaner. Three years after outrage ignited when an explosives storage facility was allowed to locate near a local Boy Scout camp, the provincial government is paying
the company to move. Natural Resources Minister Keith Ashfield confirmed Wednesday the province will pay Dyno Nobel up to $267,000 to terminate its Crown lease near Yoho
Lake and cover relocation fees.

Thursday, April 8, 2004 - HASMAT called late; MLA cries foul ,The Daily Gleaner. Almost three hours elapsed before a regional HASMAT unit was called to an accident in which a truck filled with 17,000 kilograms of explosives went off the road outside Fredericton.



Monday, December 23, 2002 - Chronology , Here's a chronology of the discussions that have
taken place between the provincial government and Dyno Nobel.

April 22, 2002 -<na;nm> A memo to the Department of Natural Resources and Energy says the reason Dyno Nobel had to relocate to the Hanwell Road is that the owner of land near its former site refused to renew a lease for them to pass over his land. Also, the company wanted to upgrade its facilities, but couldn't meet federal requirements at the old location.
Local Dyno Nobel representative Dwight Morehouse goes to Service New Brunswick looking for suitable areas within a 50-kilometre radius of the old plant. The company had decided to apply for the Yoho Lake site and create two detonator storage magazines containing 25,000 kilograms each of explosives. The Yoho site is less than one km from a provincial Scouts camp that hosts 1, 400 campers and staff annually.

June 17, 2002 -<na;nm> Natural Resources and Energy Department forester Mike Bartlett sends an e-mail message to Darlene Cole, project manager, saying that the radius for the first set of sites was within 50 km of Fredericton. Morehouse says that's too far away to comply with travel times that the federal government imposed on him.

June 17, 2002 -<na;nm> Barlett sends an e-mail message to another Natural Resources employee saying Dyno Nobel is putting together a proposal to search for a new site within 25 km of Fredericton and exploring two potential options on government-owned land.
July 8, 2002 -<na;nm> Barlett sends an e-mail message to Darlene Cole, project manager within
Natural Resources and Energy, asking if it's the department's job to find a site for Dyno Nobel or if the company is to find the site and the department provide the review.



Saturday, November 13, 1999 - The madness ...and rewards... of renovating ,The Daily Gleaner. There is a good way and a bad way to do home renovations and C.J. Marsden knows first-hand what the difference can mean. Her quiet waterfront bungalow home on Yoho Lake
Drive outside Fredericton wasn't always so quiet or cosy. When Marsden decided to build an addition onto the side of her home about four years ago, she made a mistake when it came to choosing the right contractor for her. "He was cheaper than everyone else so I wanted to
go ahead," she explained. The renovator told Marsden he was a general contractor as well as a licensed electrician and plumber and "in spite of how intelligent I am I didn't check him out," Marsden admitted.

And long before the contractor began showing up for work drunk Marsden knew she had made a bad decision. "They've kind of got you by the short and curlies," she explained. "It was just awful. It couldn't be worse."

Nine times out of 10 the homeowner doesn't check references and they don't check to see if their renovator's workers are covered by workplace compensation coverage and liability insurance, said Robert Case of Case's Renovations, located just off Hanwell Road.


Saturday, August 29, 1998 - Yoho Lake Road construction has gone on long enough , Dear Editor: This letter concerns the Yoho Lake Road and the Department of Transportation. They did chip-seal the one-kilometre stretch they said they would do and upgrade the next 1.4 kilometres. They left us with rocks to drive on but thank goodness snow came early.

Over the winter and spring those rocks got dug up by the grader and we were left with a very holey road. Since than they have been giving us carrots. We don't want anymore carrots. Either do the job or not.

We will not be placated anymore. There has been one excuse after another. Two trees cut here, two trees cut there (yes, we are working on the road). One
month later, a run-off here, a bit of gravel there (yes, we are working on the road). One month later, ditch digging here, cleanup there (yes, we are working on the road).

The most recent work is rocks. They dumped a couple loads of rock and disappeared again (yes, we are working on the road). There have been flat tires, ruined shocks, brake pads and gas tanks and more than the normal amount of wear and tear on the vehicles. When will it end?

We have been promised next year it will be all done. Meanwhile more wear and tear. Every time something gets fixed the government gets their cut as well as our property taxes. Where does it all go?

In my opinion, it goes into coffee and eats as they sit around discussing, surveying, studying, testing and meeting on what they can give us for another carrot. Enough, summer is almost over and winter is almost here and we are still on a dusty, dirty and holey road.

This is the beginning of airing our grievances. We want action (meat, not carrots) now because we are hungry and ready.
Elizabeth Walsh
Yoho Lake Road, N.B.


June 6, 1982 Local Girl Missing

Sunday morning started off like any other Sunday at Yoho Lake. The temperature would climb to about 15 in the afternoon. Morning was a cool one around six. Kids were playing outdoors and in the house. Dads and Mums were cleaning up and puttering around the cottage. They were thinking about going home and closing up for the week. Nothing interesting just another day at Yoho. "Mom can I go pick you some flowers ?" Sara asked. "Sure, just don't wander too far." Mom replied."Dad! Mom said I could go pick flowers. So I'm going Okay ?" Sara said to her father. "Sure, just don't go too far." Dad replied. Time passes and lunch is ready. Mum calls Sara. No answer. Calls again and again, now Dad is calling and looking. Next the whole family and the neighbours are all anxiously calling. Sara Margaret Caverhill went across the road. She just went around one of those pushouts that was there from when they were working on the road. What harm could it be? Whoever thought that it would take 36 hours for Sara to give her mother flowers? The RCMP was called and things were getting quickly organized. Salvation army, Red cross, CFB Gagetown, (who were fighting a major forest fire in Quebec and did not get here till Monday) and hundreds of volunteers started searching for her. They searched all afternoon and evening. At 4:00 A.M. they stopped for the night with still no sign of her. Sara Margaret Caverhill was an asthmatic child. She needed her medication three times a day.Her last treatment was at 10:00 Sunday morning. If she was in the woods, she could not have survived that long without her medication. Hope was dwindling with the night. The temperature dropped again to 5 degrees. It was warm when she left home. New plans were formed for searching the lake itself. No one got any sleep that night. Daylight came and there was very little hope of finding her alive. Everyone continued to search the woods. Lisa Weeks from Harvey had a dream and in it she saw Sara lost and crying beside a log. Word eventually got to the RCMP. At this point they were ready to try anything. They picked her up with a helicopter and started flying over the area. After a while Lisa pointed to the ground. The searchers were soon concentrating in that area and the first sign was her footprint. At least it was a sign and they knew she was in the woods. That was about mid-afternoon. The searchers were now combing the area very thoroughly. Sara heard the helicopters and the trucks but could not tell from what direction. She kept walking. By this time it was getting on toward bedtime again. She came to a woods road and did not know what direction to go in. There was a log beside the road. She curled up next to it to sleep for the night. She heard the helicopter coming again and ran out onto the road and started waving and hollering. A cry went up that she was spotted alive. No one spoke but held their breath. The had her in the helicopter and were bringing her to the Scout Camp. A cry went up for thanks miracles still happen !!!! Other than a few bruises and scratches and insect bites and being hungry and cold, she was fine. Sara Margaret Caverhill had no breathing problems whatsoever. Her mother said "Words cannot say how we feel."

Little sidelines from the search

-- There were baby fawns seen hiding.

-- There was a stream to cross in which some of them had to go and nearly disappeared

-- Sara said a squirrel kept her company.

-- Sara said it never really got dark because there was a light

-- Churches were emptied when they heard

-- The search an Rescue were formed, there was only one compass.

-- Charter's Settlement was virtually emptied.

-- There was no end to the coffee and soup and sandwiches.

-- When she started, she had a piece of wriggleys gum. Wriggleys presented her with box of gum

-- of course everyone remembers the army worms that year!!! thousands and thousands

-- Because of, or in spite of Sara's experience her asthma cleared up. If we only knew what she breathed in to offset the mold and fungus and weeds, we would have a cure for asthma.


Stage Coach Trail 1800s


Wood Mill previously located in the vicnity of today's Yoho Lake Scout camp


Couple on their Honeymoon drowning in the 20's


Girl drowned in the 50s


Farmhouse used to be located at the old homestead along the trail where the dynamite storage vicinity was removed. You can imagine how long it took, to move and place the big bolders that line the entrance in the 1800s with out a 4X4.


FAQs About Yoho Lake Living


Can you tell me how many year round residents there are on the lake? 

Over 100 full time comprising a mixture of retired, semi-retired and young families.


Where would the nearest school be?

The nearest schools would be in Harvey and in Fredericton. School bus service is to Harvey and typically Harvey is where resident schoolers go.


HES Harvey Elementary School, Harvey Elementary is located in the village of Harvey Station, New Brunswick. It has a population of 236 students coming from a wide geographic area comprising the communities of Harvey, Lake George and Prince William as well as several smaller settlements such as Cork, Acton, Yoho Lake and New Market.

École Sainte-Anne French language K-12 school in Fredericton .

Middle Schools

HMS Harvey Middle School

École Sainte-Anne French language K-12 school in Fredericton .

High Schools

HHS Harvey High School Before 1946 students went to school in one room schoolhouses that taught until a grade eight level. If students wanted to go to high school they had to go to McAdam High School . In 1946 Students in high school went to school in Taylor Hall which once stood beside Taylor Field. January 1947 Harvey Regional High School (HRHS), was opened and housed grades seven to eleven . HRHS was located where the Fiddle now stands; in front of the southwest valley development. School bus service began in 1947. In 1960 a new building was built that housed the grade sevens and eight. There was a new automotive shop. The new building now is home to southwest valley development and storage for district eighteen. In 1965 the new elementary school was built. The final class to graduate from HRHS was the class of 1980. In the fall of 1980, after much debate HRHS was changed to HHS.

FHS Fredericton High School is the oldest English high school in Canada . For a time was the largest student body of any high school in the Commonwealth of Nations . It has since been split into two. Leo Hayes High School, was constructed on the north side of the city, across the Saint John River, to further accommodate the number of students

Leo Hayes High School is a public high school in Fredericton , New Brunswick , Canada , serving students between grades 9 and 12 on the city's north side. The school's motto is Dreams are the Seedlings of Reality.

École Sainte-Anne French language K-12 school in Fredericton .

Oromocto High School

Where would you shop?

Shopping and approximate distances from Yoho-Lake are as follows:

The Cities by distance

Fredericton – The capital of New Brunswick is 20 Km.

Saint John - The largest city of New Brunswick is 120 Km.

Moncton- The second largest City in New Brunswick is 200 Km.

Halifax – The capital of Nova Scotia is 400 Km.

The Towns by distance

Village of Harvey – is 15 Km away.

Nackawic – is 45 Km away.

Woodstock– is 90 Km away.

McAdam – is 45 Km away.

St. Croix - is 52 Km away.

St. Stephen – is 75 Km away.

St. Andrews. – is 90 Km away.

Oromocto – is 55 Km away.

US Towns by distance

Calais, Maine – is 76Km away.

Vanceboro - is 53 Km away.

Houlton, Maine – is 110Km away.

Bangor, Maine – is 200Km away.

Boston, Massachusetts – 800Km away.

Closest Hospitals ?

Harvey - Harvey Hospital

Fredericton - Doctor Everett Chalmers Regional

Others are:

Oromocto - OromoctoPublicHospital. Location and Map.

Saint John - Saint JohnRegionalHospital. Location and Map.

Moncton - Dr Georges-L Dumont Regional Hospital. Location and Map.

Moncton - MonctonHospital. Location and Map.

Bangor - Eastern Maine Medical Centre. Location and Map.

Halifax - QE II Health Sciences Centre. Location and Map.


Closest Large Grocery Stores


Atlantic Superstore - Smythe St - Flyer,Location Map; Hours; Phone Number; Deals; DRUGStore Pharmacy - e-Mail & Phone Numbers.

Atlantic Superstore - Main St - Flyer,Location Map; Hours; Phone Number; Deals; DRUGStore Pharmacy - e-Mail & Phone Numbers.

Sobeys - Prospect St - Flyer,Location Map; Hours; Phone Number; Deals; DRUGStore Pharmacy - e-Mail & Phone Numbers.

Sobeys - Regent St - Flyer,Location Map; Hours; Phone Number; Deals; DRUGStore Pharmacy - e-Mail & Phone Numbers.

Sobeys - Brookside Mall - Flyer,Location Map; Hours; Phone Number; Deals; DRUGStore Pharmacy - e-Mail & Phone Numbers.

Walmart - Regent Street Mall - Flyer,Location Map; Hours; Phone Number; Deals; DRUGStore Pharmacy - e-Mail & Phone Numbers.

Walmart - Two Nations Crossing - Flyer,Location Map; Hours; Phone Number; Deals; DRUGStore Pharmacy - e-Mail & Phone Numbers.



Most Fredericton Outlets

Fredericton Stores - Fredericton Stores -

A to Z; including Cosco; Canadian Tire; The Home Depo; Pets Unlimited.

Yellow Pages

Yellowpages - Fredericton.

Yellowpages - Moncton.

Yellowpages - Saint John.

Yellowpages - Woodstock.


Local Flyers

Flyer Land - Flyer Land.

Flyer Lady - Flyer Lady - Hot Deals; Gas Buddy; The Beer Store; Specials; Trade Secrets; AIR /Aero Miles; Meal Deals; Tim Hortons Deals etc.

Moncton Coupon Lady - Monton Coupon Lady.

Moncton Coupon Lady - Printable Coupons.







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